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How to develop latex machinery under epidemic situation

Date of issue:2021/1/14 13:27:54 Number of visits:306

How to develop latex machinery under epidemic situation
2020 has passed. In the past year, we have been used to the new epidemic. In this special new year, how to develop our latex machinery and equipment? This is the problem we are all facing. In fact, the epidemic has a certain impact on our economy. The latex machinery industry has been in existence for more than ten years. It is a popular machinery, and the demand for its machinery comes from the use of latex products. In the past, latex products such as latex mattresses and latex pillows were all brought back from Thailand. They have been produced in China since a few years ago. Our country is a big market. Demand, so the development of latex machinery is also very fast. From the traditional semi-automatic mechanical equipment to the present automatic mechanical equipment. With the development of the demand of latex machinery, it is developing continuously. Under the epidemic situation, there will be demand, so latex machinery still needs to go forward in the way of quality and innovation.