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Cj-120 latex sheet production line (dry hair)

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Cj-120 latex sheet production line (dry hair)
Latex mattress production line
Specification and model; Cj-2000d latex mattress production line latex sheet production line
1. The total length of the production line is 120m
2. Foaming ratio, glue output, 10-20 times, 500-1000KG
3. Automatic adjustment of product thickness, 1-10cm
4. Gluing, vulcanization, washing, drying, punching and cutting are completed in one line
6. Automatic drilling, automatic cutting, computer control
7. Power distribution facilities of the whole line; Inverter, PLC control cabinet are electrical!

8. Our company in the traditional centralized injection molding form, transformed into latex sheet production line!! Cost saving, labor saving, several major features, machinery sold abroad; Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the United States, etc.