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Is there any pollution in the foaming process of latex products

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Is there any pollution in the foaming process of latex products
Is there any pollution in the foaming process of latex products
There is no pollution in the foaming process of latex products, but it is the natural latex used for foaming latex products. The natural latex collected from rubber trees needs to be preserved. In the preservation method, ammonia needs to be added to the natural latex liquid in proportion. This can ensure the freshness of natural latex. As we all know, ammonia gas smells bad. The latex needs to be deammoniated before foaming, and the gas generated by deammoniation needs to be discharged after treatment.
In the actual production process of latex products, some waste water generated during the cleaning of mature latex products through vulcanization can be cleaned through the sedimentation tank. The factory needs to handle the EIA in advance.
Latex products have the characteristics of light weight, softness, good elasticity, good air permeability, good water absorption, anti bacteria and anti mite. Different applications according to different foaming processes will also greatly reduce pollution.
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