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Types and materials of latex product molds

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Types and materials of latex product molds
Types and materials of latex product molds
At present, the latex products we can see on the market include latex pillows, latex mattresses, latex bras, latex toys, latex puffs and other products. These products are foamed by latex, then washed and dried by vulcanization water. The shape of the product completely depends on the style of the product mold. What material are latex molds usually made of? Chengjin company will answer for you. There are three types and materials of latex molds. The first is casting molds. The second is aluminum mold and the third is plastic mold. Casting mold is a traditional mold. The aluminum mold is light and can be directly used in the production line. Simple and convenient. Durability is the mold used by most companies now. The material of plastic mold is plastic, which has the effect of hot and cold. Low cost. The durability is worse than that of aluminum molds. Plastic molds are common in Thai factories.
Different latex products have different latex molds. The specific mold requirements need to be opened according to the style of the sample required by the customer. The mold manufacturing cycle is usually about one month.
Qingdao Chengjin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of latex machinery and equipment. The company has been engaged in latex machinery for 20 years,
With rich experience and technical team. The company is mainly engaged in automatic latex foaming machine, automatic latex pillow production line and latex mattress production line,
Latex bra production line, latex shoe sheet production line, latex toy puff production line and other machinery and equipment related to latex products.
The company's products are exported to Thailand, India, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Bolivia and other Guo countries.

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