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Chengjin machinery is exported to Thailand latex washing machine.

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Chengjin machinery is exported to Thailand latex washing machine.
Chengjin machinery is exported to Thailand latex washing machine.
Latex washing machine is used to clean latex products. Its function is to remove impurities in latex products and squeeze water.
Some factories do not use water washing machines directly. They think that it is OK to directly use dehydrators to dry latex products. The answer is wrong. After dehydration, you feel that it has been removed completely. In fact, it is not. Later, you will receive customer feedback that latex products will feel wet after use for a period of time. In fact, this reason is that they are not removed completely during cleaning. It needs to be extruded before it can be completely removed.
The latex washing machine produced by Chengjin machinery is composed of pressure rollers, with a large number of pressure rollers and good extrusion effect. This machine can be used to squeeze latex pillows and latex mattresses. One device can be used for many products. The material is strong and durable. There is a spray outside. Wash and squeeze together. Automatic operation. The operation is simple and convenient.
We have finished making this machine and are ready to send it to Thai customers.
Qingdao Chengjin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of latex machinery and equipment. The company has been engaged in latex machinery for 20 years,
With rich experience and technical team. The company is mainly engaged in automatic latex foaming machine, automatic latex pillow production line and latex mattress production line,
Latex bra production line, latex shoe sheet production line, latex toy puff production line and other machinery and equipment related to latex products.
The company's products are exported to Thailand, India, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Bolivia and other Guo countries.
The company's product quality is guaranteed and the after-sales service is good. From machinery to process technology can be fully responsible