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What is the operating temperature of latex foaming machine?

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What is the operating temperature of latex foaming machine?
What is the operating temperature of latex foaming machine?
Latex foaming machine is an important core machine for foaming latex products such as latex pillows, latex mattresses and latex bras
Latex foaming machine can be divided into single hair foaming machine and double head foaming machine. Single head is one die and double head is two die. Latex foam machine is a machine. Many people doubt that a machine needs to use temperature. In fact, this problem depends on the product, the problem of latex, if the natural latex is better, the foam bubbles will be even. The best ambient temperature for latex foaming machine is about 30 ℃. This temperature is good for both products and machinery. By continuously stirring at low speed. Make the latex foaming ratio reach 10-15 times. The foam is smooth and smooth.
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With rich experience and technical team. The company is mainly engaged in automatic latex foaming machine, automatic latex pillow production line and latex mattress production line,
Latex bra production line, latex shoe sheet production line, latex toy puff production line and other machinery and equipment related to latex products.
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