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What does the price of latex pillow depend on?

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What does the price of latex pillow depend on?
What does the price of latex pillow depend on?
Latex pillow is a kind of latex products, which can be used as latex bedding. It is divided into many categories: baby pillow, middle school pillow, women's pillow, highland pillow, wolf tooth pillow and so on
The price of latex pillows depends on those factors. Cheng Jin Machinery will analyze it for you. Latex pillow is made of natural latex.
Natural latex is collected from rubber trees. Therefore, one of the factors affecting the price of latex pillows is the price of natural latex. The price of natural latex will change with the change of the market, so the price of latex pillow will also rise with the rise of raw materials.
The second factor is the manufacturing cost of the factory. The latex pillow is a mixture of latex and other small materials, which will create another formula, which is the core part of the latex pillow. It is related to the quality of products. Therefore, the formula cost will also affect the price of latex pillow.
The third influencing factor is the packaging and design part. Everyone has different preferences. Designers will design different types of latex pillows according to the public, and the functions of different types of latex pillows are different. Therefore, it will also directly affect the price of latex pillows.
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