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What are the factors affecting the foaming of latex foaming machine

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What are the factors affecting the foaming of latex foaming machine
What are the factors affecting the foaming of latex foaming machine
Latex foaming machine is one of the core machines used to foam latex products. The quality of latex foaming directly affects the quality of latex products.
What are the reasons that affect the foaming of latex foaming machine? First, formula reasons. Latex products need to be foamed must need latex formula. The mixing ratio of various small materials and latex is different. Some can foam well, while others are different. So the formula is key. Therefore, many experiments are needed before foaming. After determining the foaming formula, proceed to the next step. Second: air causes. In the foaming process, a certain amount of air will be added to make the latex foam, unstable air and less or more air injected, which will affect the foaming of the latex foaming machine. Third: measuring instruments. Measuring instruments have different sizes. The size shall be selected according to the formula ratio. You can't turn it up or down right away. It should be adjusted according to the proportion. Latex foaming can be stabilized only after adjustment.
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