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What are the types of latex molds

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What are the types of latex molds
What are the types of latex molds
Latex mold is an important tool for foaming latex products. Most latex products are vulcanized and steamed through mold.
So choosing a good latex mold is particularly important.
The types of latex molds can be divided into three categories. The first kind of mold is casting mold, which integrates the mold as a whole by casting. This type of mold is commonly used in the production of latex products at the beginning. This cast latex mold is bulky. The master worker is laborious in the process of handling. The second latex mold is aluminum mold, which is light, convenient for transportation and durable. Teflon can be sprayed. After the mold is sprayed with Teflon, the latex products agree to demould. The third is the mold that Thai customers like to use in recent two years, that is, plastic mold. This kind of mold has the advantage of fast cooling and fast heating. High cost, not durable.
At present, aluminum molds are widely used in the market. The durability and price of aluminum molds are more appropriate. Customers can also customize their favorite molds according to their own needs when selecting molds
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