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Delivery of latex slicer ordered by Indian customers

Date of issue:2021/12/31 17:00:36 Number of visits:150

Delivery of latex slicer ordered by Indian customers
Delivery of latex slicer ordered by Indian customers
In the morning, the latex slicer ordered by Indian customers was packed and shipped. Latex slicing machine is mainly used for cutting latex foam sponge products. It can be used to make latex cushion, latex cushion, latex mattress and so on.
The latex flat cutting machine made by Qingdao Chengjin machinery is different from the ordinary sponge cutting machine. It is a special cutting machine for latex sponge. It has strong power, fast and smooth cutting. Enjoy a good reputation among customers at home and abroad!
Qingdao Chengjin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of latex machinery and equipment. The company has been engaged in latex machinery for 20 years
With rich experience and technical team. The company is mainly engaged in latex foaming machine, latex pillow production line and latex mattress production line
Latex bra production line, latex shoe sheet production line, latex toy puff production line and other mechanical equipment.
The company's products are exported to Thailand, India, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Bolivia and other Guo countries.
The company's product quality is guaranteed and the after-sales service is good. From machinery to process technology can be fully responsible.