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Is there any pollution in the production process of latex mattress

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Is there any pollution in the production process of latex mattress
Is there any pollution in the production process of latex mattress
Latex mattress is one of the latex bedding we use every day. We all know that it is green and pollution-free, so its production process will be polluted
Sex? We can judge it according to its production process. The production process of latex mattress is foamed by latex foaming machine, and the latex mattress mold is injected with glue
After vulcanization, wash with water, and then dry. In the process of preparing raw materials, we will remove ammonia from natural latex. In addition, we usually use milk for ammonia removal
Glue mixer, which can separate ammonia and latex. Ammonia has a smell. The smell is not very strong. There will be a small amount of pollution. In addition, it will be sent out
After the latex mattress is vulcanized and washed, the washing will go through the process of extrusion. The squeezed liquid will have some sediment and a small amount
If it is polluted, we can make a sedimentation tank to precipitate these wastewater.
The finished products produced by latex mattresses have the advantages of comfort, high elasticity and good air permeability.
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