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Automatic continuous latex pillow production line promotion wholesale price

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Automatic continuous latex pillow production line promotion wholesale price
Automatic continuous latex pillow production line promotion wholesale price
Automatic continuous latex pillow production line is through the introduction of German methods, first foaming, glue injection, vulcanization, water washing, drying and other processes.
Product Name: latex pillow production line - automatic continuous production line. Latex pillow production line introduces you two models, which are often purchased by customers at present
Cj-100 model, with a total mechanical length of 100 meters, and a shift output of 1000-1500 pillows, double plate mixed foaming, automatic temperature control and foaming machine
The foaming is uniform, and the ratio can reach 10-15 times. It is equipped with two metering pumps, and the two metering equipment can feed separately and evenly, with high product quality.
The box of latex pillow production line is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant. The temperature can reach about 150 degrees, which can be adjusted automatically and independently, and the heating mode can be adjusted
By means of heat transfer oil, natural gas, steam, electric heating, etc., the box has high thermal insulation performance. The first-class fireproof thermal insulation cotton is adopted to reduce energy and save cost
。 Another latex automatic production line can produce 4000 latex pillows per shift. It can operate automatically, save labor, reduce power and reduce cost,
This latex pillow production line is a reformed latex pillow production line, which is very popular with friends.
The price of automatic continuous latex pillow line varies according to the length of each designed latex pillow production line. The longer the length, the higher the price of latex pillow production line
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