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Structure of latex foaming machine

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Structure of latex foaming machine
Structure of latex foaming machine
Latex foaming machine is an important mechanical equipment in latex machinery. Latex foaming machine is composed of foaming machine die, glue conveying pump, motor, reducer and meter
Metering pump, composed of electric control system. Latex foaming machine is a professional equipment for producing latex products. Natural latex is collected from under rubber trees and protected by ammonia
Fresh, stirring and mixing can produce foaming products, accelerators, vulcanizing agents, antioxidants and other additives with uniform proportion and in line with standards
Chemical foaming latex products. In the actual operation of the latex foaming machine, the grinding plate of the latex foaming machine needs to be cleaned regularly. When in use, the air must be turned on
Source, water source and power supply ensure direct foaming after batching. When actually operating the latex foaming machine, small materials must be weighed and added in proportion
How much, and then set the size of small material and air on the computer operation screen, which must be set appropriately. This setting relates to the of latex foaming liquid
Density. Too much air enters, resulting in a large output of foam. The latex products produced are particularly soft, but the density is very small. Latex formula control small material and empty
The proportion of air.
The core components of latex foaming machine structure are glue conveying pump system and computer operating system.
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