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Is the flow of latex foaming machine the greater the better?

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Is the flow of latex foaming machine the greater the better?
Is the flow of latex foaming machine the greater the better?
Latex foaming machine is one of the more important mechanical equipment in latex machinery. Latex foaming machine can be used for latex pillows, latex mattresses or latex toys
For the preliminary foaming work of latex machinery and equipment, the flow of latex foaming machine here refers to the foaming work carried out by latex foaming machine in the production process
The natural latex and other small materials are mixed together. After entering the formula, the foaming work is carried out, and the latex mixture is stirred and mixed by the rubber conveying pump
, it is output to the tank for storing emulsion liquid through the pipeline. At this time, we will measure the output emulsion liquid regularly and calculate it
You can get what we call traffic. Then the question comes. Is the larger the flow of the latex foaming machine, the better? This is not the case, usually latex
The flow of foaming machine is also related to formula, metering pump and external factors. In contrast, latex mattress uses more latex, which is natural
The latex flow required should also be larger. For some small latex products, the product itself is very small, and the latex flow used is also relatively small. Affect latex
Foaming machine flow, there is also a more important machine, metering pump, metering pump can adjust the size of latex in and out flow, according to a certain proportion
Mix. If the flow rate is too large or too small, the latex foam will be uneven.
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