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What should we pay attention to in the mechanical acceptance of latex pillows?

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What should we pay attention to in the mechanical acceptance of latex pillows?
What should we pay attention to in the mechanical acceptance of latex pillows?
1、 After receiving the latex pillow machinery, first check the goods against the supply list. Measure whether the product size meets the design requirements. According to the design
The drawings shall be arranged and placed according to the installation drawing. After the installation master is in place. Then conduct butt joint installation.
2、 Check whether the equipment material and electrical brand are in accordance with the contract. The material mentioned here is mainly the material of the conveyor chain plate chain, and the material is correct
The service life of the whole set of equipment will be long only if the technology passes the test. The brand of electrical appliances determines the stability of circuit control system, which should be strictly in accordance with the brand specified in the contract
3、 Inspection of automatic production. If the continuity of automatic production is not good, it will affect the efficiency of production, or even cannot produce at all. Therefore,
We need to buy more steel strips and go to the production factory for test run.
4、 Finally, after the installation and commissioning is completed, be sure to start the machine for a few days and find the professional personnel of the factory to connect with the installation master. In this way, in the production process
Various problems can be guided one-on-one. The equipment of the whole production line shall be maintained by special personnel.
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