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Operation flow of automatic latex foaming machine

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Operation flow of automatic latex foaming machine
Operation flow of automatic latex foaming machine
Automatic latex foaming machine is an important mechanical equipment in the production of latex products. What is its specific operation process
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Preparation stage: prepare the latex used for foaming and mixed small materials. Mix according to the formula proportion and put it into the liquid mixing drum for standby.
1. Ensure smooth water source, air source and power supply.
2. Input the latex formula into the computer system of the automatic latex foaming machine. Click start to start. Set the speed of foaming machine grinding disc. Single mode hair bubbles,
Just set a die speed. If two dies are running at the same time, both are required to be set. At first, it can run at low speed and wait for gas
Source, the rate can be adjusted after the liquid flows in.
3. During the foaming process, the latex foaming ratio can be monitored at any time. Weigh the cup and calculate the liquid dosage randomly.
4. Inject the foamed latex liquid into the corresponding latex product mold for foaming. After normal foaming, it is necessary to observe the metering pump and glue delivery pump at any time
Source usage
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