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What are the determinants of the price of latex foaming machine

Date of issue:2022/7/5 21:19:09 Number of visits:6101

Latex foaming machine is one of the more important mechanical equipment in latex machinery and equipment, which can be said to be the core machinery of latex machinery and equipment.
It is mainly composed of stainless steel main support, glue conveying pump, motor, reducer, grinding plate, metering pump and electric control operating system.
The latex foaming machine used for different latex products is different, which is usually determined by the weight of the finished latex products, that is
When we talk about foaming volume, the capacity of the latex foaming machine used is larger, such as the automatic latex foaming machine now
It is made up of 30, 40, 50 and 60 latex foaming machines of different series. What is the price of latex foaming machine? Its main decision
What are the factors? Usually, the price range of a latex foaming machine is about 100000-250000. The first point of the main price factor is that it depends on foaming
Which latex products. The price of latex foaming machine used in latex products with large amount of latex foaming is higher, the capacity is large, the production cost is large, and the capacity is small
The production cost should be less. The second point depends on the automation of the latex foaming machine, which can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. The more automated
High, the price should be higher. Third, the specific requirements of latex foaming machine materials and electrical parts. Formula requirements can also be customized according to customer requirements.
The customized price should be higher.
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