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Operating procedures of latex pillow production line

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Operating procedures of latex pillow production line
Operating procedures of latex pillow production line
Latex pillow production line is a latex pillow core production line specially designed and manufactured by our company according to the current market demand. It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenience, firmness, durability, stable and exquisite product quality and high production efficiency. In order to better serve customers and achieve safe production, the specific operating procedures are as follows:
1、 The latex pillow production line adopts three-phase four wire power supply, 380V, 50Hz, and the bus installed capacity is 41.85kw (excluding the power consumption of air compressor and boiler)
2、 Determine the location of the production line, give full consideration to the safe passage, convenient transportation of production and maintenance products, and the setting of water, electricity, gas, drainage, etc., and the comprehensive layout is reasonable. Find out the level of the ground and install the production line.
3、 After the latex pillow production line is installed, a professional engineer connects the power supply, air source and water source, and then runs it for 1-2 hours. If it is normal, fill each reducer with lubricating oil, grease the sprocket and chain, and point the sewing oil into the stainless steel roller axle.
4、 When installing the turning machine at both ends of the butt joint, the height must be consistent with the production lines on both sides, the width must be consistent with the production lines on both sides, and the speed must be adjusted to be consistent with the production line according to the actual production needs. Special attention should be paid to the speed of the mold lifting section.
5、 After installation, it should be maintained in time.
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