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How to run a latex pillow processing factory?

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How to run a latex pillow processing factory?
How to run a latex pillow processing factory?
In the preparation stage, it is necessary to prepare raw materials and auxiliary materials in advance, select the site, and prepare the water source, gas source and power supply to ensure normal production. Main machinery procurement: the main equipment used by the latex pillow factory includes latex pillow production line, latex foaming machine, latex pillow mold, latex washing machine, dryer, dehydrator and other equipment. Find the factory in advance and select some well-known and experienced factories.
In the production stage, the raw materials and formulations are timely put into the latex foaming machine for foaming. Generally, the denglupu production process, chemical foaming, water washing and drying through foaming and vulcanization are used
Qingdao Chengjin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of latex machinery equipment. The company has been engaged in latex machinery for 20 years.
With rich experience and technical team. The company is mainly engaged in latex foaming machine, latex pillow production line, latex mattress production line, latex bra production line,
Latex shoe sheet production line, latex toy powder puff production line and other mechanical equipment.
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