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How much is an automatic latex foaming machine?

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How much is an automatic latex foaming machine?
How much is an automatic latex foaming machine?
As a manufacturer, before purchasing a new mechanical equipment, it will conduct a survey on the market and select more than three manufacturers to make a price comparison. Only in this way can it choose its own latex machinery and equipment. Automatic latex foaming machine is an important latex machinery and equipment among latex machinery and equipment. The quality of products depends on the combination of machinery and formula. Therefore, the manufacturer will choose the latex foaming machine from various aspects. How much is an automatic latex foaming machine? First of all, it is necessary to understand the main components of the latex foaming machine. The latex foaming machine is composed of a stainless steel main frame, a touch head, a glue delivery pump, a reduction motor and an electric control system. The size of latex foaming machines with different flow rates is also different. Generally, the price of latex foaming machines with larger flow rates is cheaper than that of latex foaming machines with smaller flow rates. The price of an automatic latex foaming machine is about 150000-250000 yuan. Because the latex foaming machine is a customized product, it needs to be customized according to the formula requirements of the customer. It mainly depends on what product you need to foam and how much foam is required. If the customer does not require it, you can customize a commonly used latex foaming machine according to the simple requirements provided by the customer. Chengjin machinery latex foaming machine has applied for a patent, and the patented product has been put into use. The operation is simple and convenient. Good practicability.
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