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latex powder puff production line

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latex powder puff production line

Latex powder puff production line

    The line can produce many kinds of latex powder puff by latex foam machine, molds, vulcanizing machine, cutting machine, horizontal cutting machine, dryer and edge grinding machine.

1.The line use FPJ-30 foam machine, and   production capacity is 50-300KG per hour, and can make many  shape, round, gourd-shape and so on. It can produce single color, double color and three color puff.

2.With the development of the world cosmetics industry, puffs have become indispensable cosmetics of all ages and different skin consumer groups. To improve production and automation, we develop a 20 times foaming rate machine and environment-friendly automatic production lines, it using NR, NBR, SBR as raw materials, and can produce many color puff.

3.The process using aerodynamics to regulate the density according to air flow and use the most advanced dual head for high speed foaming.

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