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Cj-100 latex pillow production line (across)

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Cj-100 latex pillow production line (across)

Product Specifications:

Size: 100 meters

Power: 30kw



A. Double disk mixed foam. Fine soft, uniform foam. Expansion ratio of 10-20 times

B. Double metering pumps, (Germany) feeding evenly, high quality products.

C. stainless steel screw pump. Wear, temperature, corrosion resistance. The The

2. Vulcanization features:

A. vulcanization part: the temperature inside the box up to 200 degrees (according to the product to adjust the temperature,)

B. Heating: heat transfer oil, steam, natural gas, electric heating ....... (can be determined according to customer requirements)

C. Temperature control part: automatic temperature control, control of electricity.

3. Drying characteristics:

A. box is not embroidered steel, the use of microwave heating wind production, drying effect is high! Environmental safe!



Latex pillow production line for mass production of latex pillow manufacturers, with fast, less labor, high efficiency advantages, across the latex pillow production line compared to the traditional latex pillow production line has a small footprint, high efficiency advantages.