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What kind of latex pillow production line does the manufacturer tell you

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What kind of latex pillow production line does the manufacturer tell you

 Latex pillow is one of the most popular latex products. What are the machines and equipment for producing latex pillows? Generally speaking, the technology for producing latex pillows is Dunlop technology. Dunlop process is chemical foaming. The first machine used in the production is the latex agitator, which can separate the natural latex and ammonia water by centrifugation. Next is the latex foaming machine, which can mix natural latex and other mixtures for foaming. Form latex liquid. The third is to inject mold for curing and steaming. Need to use machine equipment is latex pillow production line. After steaming, wash and dry. After drying and airing, it can be packed out of the warehouse. With these machines, you can produce natural latex pillows. As for the color latex pillows you see, these are It is related to latex formula. Chengjin machinery is a manufacturer of latex pillow production line. If you do not know something in the production, you can call us for consultation and help you answer!

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