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The difference between latex pillow and silica gel pillow

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The difference between latex pillow and silica gel pillow
There are various kinds of pillows on the market. At present, the most popular ones are silicone pillows and latex pillows. What is silicone pillow? It is
A new product is made of slow rebound material. Different from slow rebound, it is in the slow rebound pillow on a layer of silicone. This silicon

The rubber layer has a cool feeling. The latex material used for latex pillows has good elasticity. The raw material is from natural latex and collected from rubber trees

Come on, green is nontoxic. It can inhibit bacteria. Promote sleep. Compared with silicone pillows, latex pillows are more common,
The silicone layer on the silicone pillow is only suitable for summer use. In terms of sleep promotion, both pillows are quite good.
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