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Latex bra and silicone bra that good?

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Latex bra and silicone bra that good?
First of all, from the material point of view, latex bra is made from the original latex collected from the natural rubber tree. Silicone bras are made of polymer synthetic materials, which are basically medical silica gel. Most of them are called invisible bras on the market. From the perspective of use, latex bra is light, elastic and soft. Prevent bacteria, ventilate, silica gel has good adaptability and breast enhancement effect. Silica gel bra is heavy and airtight. It is not suitable to wear it for a long time. Usually, the weight of latex bra is about 10 grams, and the weight of silica gel bra is about 20-30 grams. It will feel uncomfortable after a long time. So compared with latex bra, it will be better. Now there are not many products on the market. Just at the beginning, in a few years, latex bra will be bigger than sponge bra and silica gel bra. There are few manufacturers of latex bra machinery and equipment. Chengjin Machinery Co., Ltd. makes latex machinery
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